Astrological Gardens

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Design your own personal astrology garden - the star signs and elements will help you to discover “your” tree, or “your” shrub or medicinal plant. The book will also inform you about the right choice of materials for paths, terraces, walls or fences to enhance the inspirational effect of an astrology garden. You’ll also find out whether you need a hammock or splashing water for relaxation. Seek out new frontiers, and discover the garden as a new energy source!

Zodiac Signs

64 Pages
1 Table, 61 Photos, 12 Drawings
Published: 2005
ISBN: 978-3-8001-4742-7


Astrological Gardens - Hungary Hungary (2008)

Astrological Gardens - Italia Italia (2008)

Astrological Gardens - Poland Poland (2008)

Astrological Gardens - Russia Russia (2009)